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Miami and Coral Gables, FL Many parents are well aware of the effects of their child eating too much sugar. It’s no surprise that sugar leads to tooth decay. With Halloween just around the corner, what is a parent to do? Should you let your child indulge in their bucket of candy? Is a little […]

Miami and Coral Gables, FL One of the downsides to dentures is that they do not prevent bone loss. In time, denture wearers will experience bone loss in their upper and lower dental arch, which means the bone is resorbed by the body. When this occurs, it could make your dentures loose, or they may […]

Miami and Coral Gables, FL If you are on your way to having all of your teeth extracted, or are currently a denture wearer, you may assume that dentures are the only tooth replacement option available. While dentures have been a standard tooth replacement for people who are missing all of their teeth, they are […]

Miami and Coral Gables, FL Are you living with lost teeth? If so, consider a dental implant in Miami, the finest tooth replacement option currently available. Not only do dental implants look and feel like real teeth, an implant is the only restorative treatment that also replaces the tooth’s root. Despite the quality of implants […]

Miami and Coral Gables, FL Do you live with obstructive sleep apnea? This is a serious sleep breathing disorder that disrupts your rest, leaves you feeling fatigued throughout the day and significantly increases your risk of developing other potentially deadly health problems such as cardiac disease or stroke. If you are not already getting treatment […]