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LVI Fellowship is the distinction awarded to those who have completed the LVI CORE Curriculum which includes a minimum of 278 continuing dental education hours of training in advanced aesthetics, and neuromuscular science, and who has successfully completed a comprehensive examination. Core I: Advanced Functional Dentistry – The Power of Physiologic Based Occlusion Core II: […]

More Power Performance mouthwear relieves muscular tension in the jaw freeing up that energy to be used more efficiently elsewhere. When you have more energy, you have more power. The result is increased strength and flexibility. More Oxygen Performance mouthwear relaxes and aligns your jaw to significantly improve airflow and breathing. Increased airflow is shown […]

Miami Designer Smiles celebrates 20 successful years! Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sanchez-Garcia have dedicated two decades of serving patients with their knowledge, expertise, and passion while treating patients like family. Miami Designer Smiles offers comprehensive family dental care and cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sanchez-Garcia understand the dynamics of families and their diverse […]

To correct a bad bite (teeth not fitting together properly) is obviously an elective decision that focuses on how your face looks, your teeth look and how they actually fit together. This affects the quality of life in a child and their social relationships as they mature. Examples of “Bad Bites” are: Extreme overbites, crowding […]

A recent study has shown children who suffer from sleep disorders are more likely to exhibit similar symptoms as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD. This claim stems from a British study of 11,000 children from age six months until age six which found the children who experienced interrupted sleep from snoring or other sleep apnea […]