Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Miami and Coral Gables, Florida

Miami Designer Smiles can install a porcelain veneer, a very thin shell of porcelain that is custom crafted and bonded to the front surface of your tooth, covering any cosmetic flaws.

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of our porcelain veneers.

The versatility of veneers

Porcelain veneers give our Miami cosmetic dentists the ability to solve several aesthetic problems at once, replacing the need for multiple treatments.

Uses for porcelain veneers include:

  • Covering discoloration that does not respond well to teeth whitening
  • Correcting of minor crookedness across several teeth, known as “instant orthodontics”
  • Improving the appearance of a single twisted tooth
  • Covering small gaps between your teeth
  • Adding length to teeth that appear to be too small
  • Installed in combination with a teeth whitening treatment, as part of a smile makeover

Why should I consider veneers to improve the appearance of my teeth?

Beautiful results can only be accomplished with beautiful materials. Dental porcelain is highly durable and provides aesthetically exquisite results. It has both the look and feel of natural teeth. Because dental porcelain reflects light in the same way as your natural tooth enamel, and it can be matched to the shade of your other natural teeth, a veneer placed by an expert cosmetic dentist will blend seamlessly into your mouth.

Why choose Miami Designer Smiles? 

Miami Designer Smiles believes that it is important to work with the finest labs to ensure the best possible results. That is why our Miami cosmetic dentists, Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia, use porcelain veneers made by da Vinci, MAC, and Williams Dental Lab. Veneers from these labs are hand-crafted for superior quality and beautiful aesthetics. These veneers also are up to twice as strong as other brands and the color is added from the inside in order to provide the most natural appearance possible. These dental labs utilize highly skilled technicians and the most advanced technology to provide some of the finest quality porcelain veneers on the market.

What should I expect afterward?

Once a veneer is installed, you can resume your normal routine and diet right away. Receiving a porcelain veneer does entail two separate appointments at Miami Designer Smiles. Click here to learn more about our process when installing veneers.

How long will my veneers last? 

No cosmetic dental procedure lasts forever, but a veneer treatment can last 10-15 years, especially if you maintain a thorough regimen of oral hygiene that includes daily brushing and flossing, and regular visits to your dentist for a check-up and professional cleaning.

Porcelain Veneers with Other Treatments

Our Miami cosmetic dentists will often recommend porcelain veneers in conjunction with other procedures as part of a smile makeover. They can be used after tooth straightening with Invisalign or in combination with other solutions to complete and enhance the results of your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Porcelain Veneers in Miami

Are you interested in more information about the veneers used at Miami Designer Smiles? Please see this list of Questions about Porcelain Veneers, or call our office today at (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation.

Miami Designer Smiles is proud to provide state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services to patients in the areas of Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.