Temporomandibular joint disorder, generally called TMJ or TMD, can seriously impact your general well-being by causing symptoms as diverse as headaches and tingling in your fingers. Because it is hard to diagnose, many people suffer with TMJ for years before getting a diagnosis of the condition. However, once diagnosed many people are eager to get rid of TMJ and its related symptoms.

Fortunately, TMJ treatment can be completed fairly quickly. Relief of many TMJ symptoms can be achieved immediately with the in-office use of TENS–transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation–a type of electric massage. This relaxes jaw muscles that are working too hard and may be putting pressure on nerves or blood vessels in the area.

For some patients, intermittent use of TENS may be enough for long-term relief. Other patients may need an oral splint to hold their jaw in the proper position at night. It can take several weeks to have a proper splint constructed, but once it is, you should see relief in 1-2 months.

For some patients, mouth reconstruction is necessary to achieve long-term relief from TMJ. This may require several months to complete.

To learn how long TMJ treatment may take in your case, please contact Miami Designer Smiles for an appointment today.

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“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

People tend to undergo dental procedures to help achieve a million dollar smile, that smile they’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentistry helps in perfecting a smile with various procedures from dental implants, crowns, or veneers, to name a few. When you visit the dentist for a procedure, don’t you want know your dentist is performing the most up-to-date procedures that will give you that million dollar smile?

Miami Designer Smiles provide almost 20 years’ experience in dentistry, but what happens after your dentist graduates dental school? Each state requires dentists to complete a set number of hours in continuing education (CE), the state of Florida requires 30 hours of CE each year for dentists.

Dr. Raul and Dr. Conchi each pride themselves on completing 100 hours of additional training each year to be certain they are able to provide their patients with the most current treatments, giving you that million dollar smile. These factors are important when it comes to your smile and they are important to Miami Designer Smiles. Next week, Dr. Raul and Dr. Conchi, both LVI Fellows, are heading back to LVI in Las Vegas!

What is LVI?

It is the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which provides dentists the opportunity to continue their education. LVI offers courses covering neuromuscular, advanced diagnostic, occlusal, and aesthetic dentistry. Usually what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but not in this case. Dr. Raul and Dr. Conchi will continue learning at LVI and return with newfound knowledge of dentistry which will be showcased in the smiles of their patients.
Yes, Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia are both LVI Fellows. An LVI Fellowship is awarded to those dentists that complete the entire core curriculum which is a minimum of 278 hours of advanced aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry along with passing a comprehensive exam. The Doctors are proud of their accomplishments and are happy their love of learning about dentistry benefits their patients. Learn more about LVI and LVI Fellowship.

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The three main classes of sleep apnea are mild, moderate and severe. Even though there are different classes of sleep apnea they all need to be treated. In mild sleep apnea cases, a person can stop breathing as many as 15 times per hour while they sleep.

3000 people a year die from sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea has been linked to low testosterone, depression, coronary disease and dementia. Treatment for sleep apnea can lower blood pressure which can lower your risk for many cardiovascular conditions.

Learning to spot some of the signs of sleep apnea can save you or your loved ones life. Here are just a few of the signs to watch out for:

  • Wearing of the teeth
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Large Neck
  • Overweight
  • Waking many times to go to the bathroom at night
  • Sinus or allergy problems
  • Difficulty swallowing large pills

People should realize that these symptoms are present in everyone who has sleep apnea not just those diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. If left untreated even mild or moderate sleep apnea may get worse and put you or your loved ones life at risk

To learn about the alternative methods to treat sleep apnea such as our sleep apnea oral appliance therapy contact our office to setup your initial appointment. Miami Designer Smiles offers an alternative to CPAP machines. We are located at 9301 SW 56th Street, Miami Florida 33165. Call us at (305) 595-4616 or fill out our contact form and someone will contact you promptly.

The most simple reason to replace a missing tooth using a restoration like a dental implant is that one missing tooth is likely to lead to another, eventually causing complete tooth loss. Without teeth, your ability to chew becomes degraded and your digestion suffers. As you cut out hard-to-chew and hard-to-digest foods, your nutrition will suffer. As you have less access to vital nutrients, you are at an increased risk for numerous diseases and conditions, some of them life-threatening.

Not to mention how much people will miss seeing your bright smile.

When you lose a tooth, several things begin to happen. Teeth depend on one another for support under the intense force of chewing (which has been measured in the range of 2800 to 4300 pounds per square inch). Once one tooth is gone, the other teeth lack support and instead of providing straight up-and-down force in return may begin to slide laterally. This leads to drifting teeth. Once a tooth is missing, the gums and jawbone in that area are no longer stimulated and may begin to atrophy, decreasing support for adjacent teeth.

Poorly aligned teeth are harder to clean, increasing your risk of periodontal disease and cavities in hard-to-treat areas. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. In addition, poorly aligned teeth do not balance the forces as well as straight teeth, increasing the risk that you will fracture a tooth when you bite down. And when your teeth have cavities, they are further weakened and at risk for fracture.

This is not a prediction of the future, only a set of likely events that often happen to people who do not replace a missing tooth.

Once you have lost one tooth, it is time to consider acting to preserve the others. To learn more about ensuring the health and attractiveness of your smile, please contact Miami Designer Smiles today.

Make no mistake: traditional metal braces are an effective way to straighten your teeth, and continue to be the orthodontic treatment of choice for millions of Americans. However, Invisalign is a preferable treatment for many people because it is cosmetic, convenient, and comfortable.

Invisalign represents a cosmetic improvement over traditional metal braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires on your teeth, the only thing required is a transparent tooth aligner that fits over your teeth. You change these aligners out every two weeks or so, each one designed to move your teeth a small amount toward perfect alignment.

Invisalign is also a more convenient option for people looking to straighten their teeth. Instead of regular tightening appointments, you simply have to get a new aligner every few weeks. In some situations, you may be able to pick up more than one aligner at a time, allowing you to go longer between visits. In addition, Invisalign puts no restrictions on your diet and no special cleaning is required. Simply remove the aligners for eating and clean your teeth normally.

Finally, Invisalign is more comfortable than metal braces. Although you may feel soreness related to your teeth moving every time you get a new aligner, this lasts for only a couple days. And there are no metal wires or potentially jagged edges that can snag on or cut your tongue, lips, or cheeks. Instead, the Invisalign aligners are smooth to the touch, never cutting or abrading your mouth.

Invisalign is not for everyone, but you may be able to take advantage of this tremendous improvement in orthodontic treatment. To learn whether you are a candidate for Invisalign, please schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at Miami Designer Smiles today.