If you are an elderly individual with dentures or partial dentures, you have to make sure you take the care necessary to clean them properly. You have to clean your teeth and gums as before with regular brushing and flossing but added to this you need to make sure your dentures are getting thoroughly cleaned so they do not promote further tooth decay.

To care for your dentures, thoroughly brush them every day with a denture cleaning compound. Don’t forget to clean the undersides. At night, put dentures in water or a recommended cleaning solution.

Brushing your teeth requires some additional care when you have dentures, too. It’s best to remove dentures before cleaning your teeth. Make sure to clean the surfaces where the dentures rest on your gums or abut your teeth. Check places where clasps or wires rest to make sure they’re clean and also to look for signs of excess wear.

With proper care, your dentures can be an attractive, functional part of your healthy mouth for many years.

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Smoking, as you have probably been told, is not good for your body. However, it is even worse for dental implant patients. Smoking interferes with your circulation and with your body’s healing response. It increases your risk of rejection of the implant and any bone graft that you may have had to support the implant.

To give yourself the best chance of having a successful dental implant procedure, you will be asked to quit smoking for at least two months before your dental implant procedure and one month after. If you cannot do this, then you are not a good candidate for dental implants.

The impact of smoking on dental implants goes beyond the initial healing phase, though, since the impact of smoking on your immune system means that you will remain vulnerable to infection adjacent to the dental implant. The best thing to do is to quit smoking altogether. Most people who can quit for three months can quit completely, and it is worth trying for the health of your dental implants and your body as a whole.

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The Role of oral hygiene and heart health
Did you know sleep apnea suffers are 3 to ten times more likely to be involved in a car accident? On the other hand, it is possible that a car accident, or other injury, is contributing to obstructive sleep apnea. You may think how could a car wreck I had years ago be contributing to my obstructive sleep apnea? If you suffer from any particular injury that causes you to limit the positions of your body during sleep, you could be depriving yourself of a restful night’s sleep.

Sometimes people who suffer from neck and back pain avoid sleeping on their sides or stomach, inevitably sleeping on their back. Sleeping on your back makes it easy for gravity to allow your lower jaw to slide backward making the base of your tongue close off your airway. Obstructed airways result in a restless nights’ sleep. Sometimes, sleeping on your side or stomach can reduce the possibility of obstructing your airways and sleep apnea symptoms. Some people even have a type of sleep apnea that is so bad that it exists in any sleeping position. People suffering from obstructive sleep apnea may also experience acid reflux, fullness in their ears, sinus pressure, nasal congestion, or headaches. When your airways are obstructed, it can cause a vacuum effect in your airways in which stomach juices are pulled up into your throat ears, and nose causing them to bother you in the ways described earlier.
As you can already see, obstructive sleep apnea essentially causes a domino effect on one’s health. If you suffer from an injury or health condition that keeps you from sleeping in a particular position, this could be contributing to your obstructive sleep apnea. If you wake up tired, feel fatigued throughout the day, or rely on caffeine to keep you stimulated throughout the day, you may need to consider a specific sleep study to evaluate more deeply your sleep quality. It is important to take your sleep habits seriously as it can adversely affect not just your health but also your life and those around you.

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If you are considering dentures, you may be thinking back to childhood memories of an older relative, whose dentures unpleasant. They clicked when he or she talked and may have made noises even when he or she was just sitting around, absent-mindedly thinking. They may have been so uncomfortable and dysfunctional that he or she removed them for eating. You don’t want that kind of dentures.

Thankfully, you don’t have to have that kind of denture. Modern dentures are better fitted than ever in the past. They are made of advanced materials that make them highly attractive, and they can be so well affixed and so functional that no one but your dentist needs to know about them.

Modern dentures can be affixed using dental implants, but even if they are only fitted over your gums, modern imaging and neuromuscular dentistry techniques combined with centuries of experience mean that today’s dentures are better than ever. Modern dentures even have the power to rejuvenate your face, which is why they’re sometimes described as facelift dentures.

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Dental implants are highly flexible and can be used to replace a single missing tooth or all your teeth. How this is accomplished depends on the number and location of missing teeth.

If you are replacing just one tooth, a single dental implant is used. The implant is topped with a dental crown that looks just like your natural teeth.

If you are replacing two or three missing teeth, two dental implants are used. For two teeth, two separate crowns may be used, but when replacing three missing teeth, you will receive a single piece dental bridge that is anchored on either end by implants.

If you are replacing an entire arch (either all your top teeth or all your bottom teeth), we use the All-on-4 system where four dental implants are used to secure a highly aesthetic permanent prosthesis. This system allows for a quick, comfortable restoration.

For numbers of teeth between three and an entire arch, customized solutions are available. We can discuss your options during your consultation with our cosmetic dentist.

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