look younger without going under the knife

look younger without going under the knifeMiami and Coral Gables, FL

As people age, they can become dissatisfied with the changes in their facial appearance. Thanks to advances in the techniques and technologies that are employed, your Miami cosmetic dentist can make you look years younger without having to undergo a major surgery like a facelift.

Reverse time with cosmetic dentistry

How is this possible? Cosmetic dentists can use restorations and other treatments to rebuild your smile. Not only will the result be teeth that look great and typically function at a higher level, but restoring your smile and bite also will prevent a collapsed jaw and the “sunken-in” facial appearance that is commonplace among many people as they age, especially those who have lost permanent teeth.

Using dental restorations to achieve a younger-looking appearance can be advantageous to other options, such as a facelift. For one, a facelift is a major surgical operation with a significant recovery time. You may not be able to take off enough time from school or work to recover from a facelift. Or, maybe you have a pre-existing condition that does not make surgery a viable choice.

Many patients today are hesitant to undergo a facelift, which has led to the popularity of non-surgical facelifts, procedures touted to achieve the same aesthetic goals. However, tread lightly when considering these new non-surgical alternatives; many of them have not completed a clinical trial period, creating significant uncertainty as to whether such techniques actually accomplish what they claim to do, while also making it somewhat unknown whether the procedures are fully safe for patients. Such clinical trials are vital, especially to determine any adverse side effects that may develop.

Meanwhile, your Miami cosmetic dentist operating at the forefront of the field can improve your overall appearance with treatments targeted to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and mouth. In turn, you can have a more youthful look and fewer wrinkles. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques at the cutting edge of dental science, Miami Designer Smiles can rebuild your facial structure from the inside out, resolving aesthetic concerns such as:

  • Lips that are thin, compressed, or wrinkled
  • Jowls that are sagging
  • Diminish creases between your chin and lower lip

Dental restorations are used to achieve these results. This could entail crowns and inlay/onlays to restore teeth that have been damaged due to injury or decay. To replace lost teeth, a cosmetic dentist may use custom dentures or opt for dental implants, a near-permanent tooth replacement that restores both the crown and the tooth root itself.

If you would like to learn more about how dental procedures can give you a more youthful appearance, you need to be sure to choose the right cosmetic dentist. The ideal cosmetic dental practice for the job will have the combination of experience, training, and an aesthetic mindset to achieve results that are both beautiful and well functioning. You also should consider seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist who has knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry, a dental specialty that focuses on finding the ideal alignment of the bite and jaw.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Miami

At Miami Designer Smiles, we are proud to have cosmetic dentists on staff who trained at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, considered the finest institution for post-graduate dental training in the continent. The LVI teaches courses in both cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, making sure to keep dental practitioners up to speed on all the latest techniques.

Find out how cosmetic dentistry can help you look younger. Call the office of Miami Designer Smiles at (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation today.

Miami Designer Smiles is proud to serve patients in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida.

i hate headaches

i hate headachesMiami and Coral Gables, FL 

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? It so, it is likely that your current treatment regimen, although nipping your pain in the bud, is not working so well at reducing the frequency of your headaches. It is common for many physicians to treat headaches with pain medications that are more of a Band-Aid approach. The problem being that your headaches still occur, frequently, and it is getting in the way of your life!

Headaches cannot be treated the same way in every single patient. However, whatever the cause of your headaches, prevention—stopping them before they start—is the ideal option.

If you have painful headaches on a regular basis, consider taking these preventative steps.

A headache diary is the first step. Keeping a chronicle of your headaches will allow a medical professional to track their frequency, their intensity, and any environmental or behavioral conditions that may be contributing to the onset of the headaches. One exception to this tip is if you suffer headaches after experiencing head trauma; if this happens to you, seek medical care as soon as possible.

Where to start

Try changing your lifestyle. Stress can certainly trigger headaches in anyone. However, take steps to try and reduce your stress levels such as exercise, yoga, and meditation all can combat stress headaches. Sometimes, one’s diet can contribute to headaches. You also can try to eliminate MSG or diminish sodium in your diet, both of which may trigger a painful headache. Be sure to read labels of foods that you eat from a box or that are processed. These types of foods are more than likely to contain these ingredients that trigger your headaches. Also, if you eat out at a restaurant, be sure to ask about these ingredients in the foods that you will be ordering. Another lifestyle change to consider is if you use tobacco products and alcohol, you may want to reduce how your consumption or quit all together. Smoking and excessive use of alcohol also can cause a nasty headache.

Your posture also may be the culprit. Sit up straight. Stretch the neck and shoulders whenever possible. You may be surprised how much these simple steps can help muscle relaxation and prevent headaches.

If you suffer from frequent, painful headaches and traditional headache remedies only treat the pain and not the frequency, then a dental issue could be the cause. Temporomandibular joint disorder, known as TMJ, can cause headaches of migraine-like intensity. This happens because, when the temporomandibular joint becomes misaligned, it can aggravate the trigeminal nerve, which delivers more than half of the total sensory input to the brain than any other neural pathway in the body. These headaches will not respond as well to usual migraine medications, and if TMJ is the cause, they will not diminish in frequency unless the TMJ itself is treated.

A specialization of dentistry known as neuromuscular dentistry has special experience and training to diagnose and treat TMJ. If you think you suffer from TMJ or another medical professional has diagnosed you with the disorder, call our office at (305) 595-4616 to schedule a consultation today.

Miami Designer Smiles is proud to serve patients in Miami and Coral Gables.

natural therapy for deep bite

natural therapy for deep biteMiami and Coral Gables, FL 

Does your smile need rejuvenating? Sometimes people naturally develop a crooked or uneven smile in which their upper or lower jaw protrudes too far forward. Other times, teeth simply just wear down over time, which results in a collapsed bite and can turn your smile upside down, literally making your mouth turn downward. At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer natural therapy to correct a deep bite.

The greatest aspect of this natural therapy is that we do not have to use surgery to correct your smile. Instead, we use a combination of cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry to correct your bite and rejuvenate your face. This approach is ideal for patients with an underbite or overbite, in which their teeth do not come together properly. If your teeth appear to be ground down, your chin looks too large or too small, then our natural therapy may be right for you.

During your consultation, the dentist will determine your treatment plan and how best to achieve the smile you desire. Treatment begins by using a specially made material that is permanently bonded to each tooth to correct your bite and add support to your face. This process reverses that aged look you may be experiencing. Whether you need longer teeth, a wider smile, or facial lengthening, we can achieve the results you desire, all without undergoing surgery!

Since we are permanently altering your bite, you may experience an adaptation period while you get use to your new bite. Speaking, eating, and chewing may feel different for about a week but after that, you will feel great and have your confidence back. For some patients, this change in their bite will even help relieve TMJ discomfort and symptoms, which is a disorder of the jaw joints.

There may be instances in which a patient would benefit from orthodontic treatment to realign crooked teeth and correct an excessive deep bite. However, only a consultation with the dentists at Miami Designer Smiles can determine which option of treatment is best. During your consultation we will pay special attention to the cause of your deep bite or what is bothering you about your smile. We will develop a customized treatment plan to improve your smile, and prevent future damage. We urge you to consider a consultation so that we can help you get your oral health on track, and help you feel better about your smile.

At Miami Designer Smiles, we offer an assortment of cosmetic dentistry treatments. We believe that when it comes to transforming a smile, the results go far beyond just looks. We combine our expertise and experience in neuromuscular dentistry to ensure we provide patients with not only a beautiful smile, but also one that feels good too. Your results will mean you have a comfortable, even bite that functions well when eating, chewing, speaking or even when your mouth is at rest.

If you are interested in natural therapy to correct a deep bite, contact Miami Designer Smiles today at (305) 595-4616 for a consultation. We welcome patients of Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.

problem with untreated tongue tie

problem with untreated tongue tieMiami and Coral Gables, FL 

Ankyloglossia, known as tongue-tie, is often untreated in children. Although a tongue-tie may seem like no big deal as long as the child can talk, eat, and breathe, many health consequences could linger into adulthood. You might be surprised at the effects of an untreated tongue-tie.

When adults have lived decades with a tongue-tie, their bodies adapt in ways that impact their health.

Here are some of the secondary adaptations an adult with an untreated tongue-tie may experience.

  • Immobile sternum – The muscles of the mouth and jaw directly relate to the sternum. Since a tongue-tie restricts the tongue’s movement, the orofacial muscles do not function properly, resulting in altered breathing patterns, lung restrictions, and thoracic pain.
  • Muscle tightness – The muscles at the base of the skull or upper neck may become stiff, which usually results in chronic headaches, neck pain or swallowing difficulties.
  • Tension – In the front of the neck or throat area, muscles and cartilage may become tense, affecting speech. It can also radiate tension down to the stomach, affecting areas in between that may result in acid reflux, heartburn, or even Hiatal hernias.
  • TMJ – Since the lower jaw muscles are pulled downwards and backward, which results in TMJ issues such as pain, clicking or popping in the jaw joints. TMJ pain often can radiate throughout the neck, and back, causing widespread pain throughout the body. Not to mention, it can make eating difficult and painful.
  • Speech problems and breathing issues – Poor diaphragm mechanics, and mouth breathing are likely to occur in an adult with an untreated tongue-tie. 

To treat these issues, a simple frenectomy procedure can be performed as an out-patient procedure at the dentist’s office. This procedure releases the restriction of the tongue so that it can move and function, as it should. Frenectomies are safe and effective to perform, even on infants, to prevent secondary adaptations later in life. Myofunctional therapy is also used afterward to help retrain the oral muscles with prescribed exercises and stretches of the tongue and mouth.  

If you opt to have the frenectomy, any of the above symptoms may diminish. Tongue-tie will not go away on its own and needs to be corrected. To schedule a consultation, contact the office of Miami Designer Smiles by calling (305) 595-4616. We welcome patients in Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.

gumlift without surgery

gumlift without surgeryMiami and Coral Gables, FL 

What is the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Also referred to as the PST™, it is a gum rejuvenation procedure patented by Dr. John Chao, DDS. Only certified dentists such as Drs. Garcia and Sanchez-Garcia of Miami Designer Smiles can perform this revolutionary procedure.

By using a specially designed instrument, the dentist will make a tiny entry point in your gum tissue while your mouth is numb, gently guide the tissue over the affected area, and hold it in place with collagen fibers that also help aid in the healing process.

This procedure is simple, suture-free, and minimally invasive, which means a more comfortable, faster healing process. Many patients can return to their normal activities the next day. PST™ truly is a revolutionary procedure that has even been featured in the International Journal of Periodontics, one of the most prestigious dentistry journals in the world.

What causes Gum Recession? 

Gum recession is often associated with gum disease, but also can be caused by aggressive brushing or even brushing too much. For some patients, gum recession is caused by medications or medical conditions. The fact is that gum recession affects many Americans at some point in time. It is connected to the natural aging process, and hormonal changes. In some cases, gum recession may result from orthodontic treatment such as braces or retainers.

What happens when gums recede? 

The roots of teeth are nestled below the gum line. As your gums recede, you may notice a slight tooth sensitivity at first that may worsen over time. This is because the tooth roots do not have a protective layer of enamel like the upper portion of our teeth. That is what gives teeth the natural white look. Below the gum line, the roots of our teeth appear yellowish in color, which contributes to the embarrassing look of gum recession. Plus, receding gums make teeth appear unnaturally long and uneven.

Why choose PST™? 

Unlike traditional gum grafting surgery, The Pinhole Surgery Technique™ is minimally invasive and does not involve the need to cut gum tissue, making it a much less painful option.

Traditionally, a tissue graft was the only option for treating gum recession. This procedure involved the dentist cutting tissue from the roof of the mouth, and suturing it in place over the area being treated. Recovery following a traditional gum graft took several weeks or more, leaving patients in considerable discomfort with swelling and bleeding. With traditional gum surgery, there is also the risk of complications or infection.

Is PST™ right for me?

You may be wondering if the Chao Pinhole procedure is right for you. Only a thorough consultation with the dentist will determine if it is the right treatment for your gum recession. However, if you suffer from gum recession, and it causes you tooth sensitivity, or to feel embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, then you should consider this revolutionary procedure.

There are certain benefits of PST™ that make it a more viable option, versus traditional gum surgery, for many patients.

Benefits of PST™

  • Non-invasive
  • Reduces the side effects of gum surgery (bleeding, swelling, gum pain, risk of infection)
  • Almost immediate results
  • No incisions or sutures
  • Faster recovery
  • Treat multiple areas in one visit
  • Can be completed in as little as one hour

If you suffer from gum recession regardless of the cause, consider a consultation with us at Miami Designer Smiles. Our dentists, Drs. Garcia and Sanchez-Garcia are certified to perform this revolutionary procedure.

To learn more about The Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™ or to schedule your consultation, contact the office of Miami Designer Smiles by calling (305) 595-4616.

We welcome patients in Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.