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Everything hurts on my face. TMJ and the trigeminal nerve.

The face, head, and neck are home to a plethora of nerves, muscles, and blood veins. Many Americans suffer from pain in their jaws that lead to many other ailments throughout their body. In fact, research proves that nearly 30 percent of the body’s nerves pass near the jaw joint, known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If the TMJ is not functioning properly, you may experience pain throughout your body. Sadly, physicians often misdiagnosis and treat this type of pain, only treating the symptoms and not the source of the pain.

Did you know that your jaw joint could be what is causing you pain?

Disorders associated with the jaw joint are referred to as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Symptoms associated with TMD include discomfort or tension in the jaw, or even clicking and popping sounds while biting. Sometimes, TMD sufferers even experience headaches as severe as migraines.

The trigeminal nerve is a major nerve of the head that runs from the jaw to the brain steam. If the jaw joint is out of alignment or not functioning properly, the trigeminal nerve may become affected, causing pain to radiate from the jaw to the head. Common symptoms of TMJ include pain while chewing or biting, headaches, earaches, and facial pain. Some sufferers even experience pain that radiates into their back.

What causes TMJ disorder? Sometimes, TMJ disorders occur from injuries, age, an uneven bite, or clenching one’s teeth due to tension and stress, which all put a strain on the jaw joint. The strain on the jaw joints may affect the trigeminal nerve, causing pain or discomfort in the face, ears, or head. Teeth that are missing, broken, chipped, or crooked can cause an uneven bite. Repairing damaged or missing teeth is a major component of maintaining an even bite, which can relieve pain from your TMJ disorder.

If you experience pain in the jaw, face, or neck, contact Miami Designer Smiles. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders. We can also provide treatment to relieve you of pain associated with your TMJ disorder. Do not live in pain, contact Miami Designer Smiles today for a consultation. We welcome patients of the Coral Gables and Miami, FL areas.

what happens to my body when i lose sleep

what happens to my body when i lose sleepMiami and Coral Gables FL

You may think a late nighter here and there, or a little bit of missed sleep is not a big deal, but even after one night of losing sleep your body takes a toll. Over time, skimping by on fewer than six hours of sleep a night can begin to wreak havoc on your body, including increasing your risk for other health related diseases. So, what happens to the body when you lose sleep?

After losing sleep for one night, you already put yourself at risk of having an accident. You are more likely to get sick and catch a cold, plus losing sleep tends to affect one’s appetite, causing you to eat more than usual. You are more likely to become emotional or moody. Worse yet, brain tissue is altered after losing only one night of sleep! Already, the effects of losing just one night of sleep sound pretty bad, but how does it all stack up when you lose sleep night after night?

A new study conducted by researchers in the U.K. found that after one week of receiving less than six hours of sleep a night a person experiences changes in more than 700 genes! Sadly, more than half of Americans do not get the recommended seven or more hours of sleep a night. After a while, losing sleep each night adds up, and so do the devastating effects it has on your body.

After continuous nights of losing sleep, you are at a higher risk for certain types of cancers and your risk of stroke quadruples. Inadequate amounts of sleep are linked to obesity and a decreased sperm count. Plus, losing sleep increases your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and even causes an early death.

Losing sleep is serious business and should not be ignored. Your health depends on a good night’s sleep. Inadequate sleep is often linked to sleep disorders. If you believe you suffer from a sleep disorder, contact Miami Designer Smiles. We specialize in treating sleep disorders to help you on the road to a peaceful nights’ sleep. Miami Designer Smiles welcomes patients of the Miami and Coral Gables, FL areas.

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Miami Cosmetic Dentist Reviews

Miami and Coral Gables, Florida

What do you think of when you hear the term makeover?  For many people, they think of a new wardrobe, hair style or even their makeup.  There is another makeover that doesn’t always come immediately to mind, and that is a smile makeover.  Miami Designer Smiles can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, and it is easier than you think, thanks to a range of options we provide at our office.

  • Tooth Whitening – One of the most basic and non-invasive methods to improve your smile is with our Kor tooth whitening.  We can get your teeth shades whiter using our advanced whitening system.
  • Veneers – If you have chips, gaps or misaligned teeth then porcelain veneers can help to correct these problems in your smile.  Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that cover your tooth and give you a new smile.
  • Invisalign – For some, the teeth may need alignment Dr. Sanchez-Garcia specializes in combining Invisalign with porcelain restorations.   So our smile makeover dentist will help to align your teeth prior to the veneers to help you achieve the cosmetic and health benefits that come with properly aligned teeth.

The “movie star smiles” you have dreamed of is really closer than you could imagine.  Today’s smile makeovers are available to even more people thanks to new dental technologies.  We also offer several financing options to help you pay for your new smile.  Please contact our Miami cosmetic dentists today to schedule your initial appointment.  Miami Designer Smiles serves patients in the Miami and Coral Gables area.

Migraine headaches can be debilitating and can interfere with your life, causing you to miss work and miss out on life around you. You may suffer from migraine headaches and sometimes feel medications offer little to no relief. Many FDA-approved medications and devices claim to relieve migraine symptoms, yet you are still left with the source of the pain and reoccurring migraine headaches. You may not know this, but an LVI certified dentist could help relieve or even eliminate your debilitating migraine headaches.

Alternative Treatments for TMD and Migraine Headaches in Miami and Coral Gables.

Doctors Raul Garcia and Conchi Sanchez-Garcia are certified LVI Fellows and specialize in treatment for migraine headache relief. Using a unique device, designed to wear in your mouth while you sleep, the device will slightly reposition your mandible or lower jaw to help relieve tension and stress in the muscles. The removable dental device allows your jaw to achieve physiological alignment and, therefore, maintains relaxed jaw muscles. The device can be adjusted to fit your needs. Adjustments may be made over a period of time for maximum efficiency and results. Ultimately, this technique relaxes muscles in your jaw, neck, and head which quiet down the nerves in the area to help reduce or eliminates your migraine headaches.

So what do jaw muscles have to do with a migraine? The head contains many nerves that interconnect through the face, jaw and its muscles to interact with your brainstem. A major cranial nerve, the trigeminal, extends through the jaw, face, front and back of the head. A migraine can affect an area of the head where the trigeminal nerve passes through as it passes through muscles that are tight and in spasm. Relaxing the jaw muscles and with a positioning device will help relieve stress and tension on the trigeminal nerve, ultimately reducing your migraine symptoms. The device should be comfortable to wear, and your relief should be almost instant. Why not try a more natural, holistic approach to relieving or eliminating your migraine symptoms and stop letting migraines and pain medications control your life.

Dr. Raul Garcia and Dr. Conchi Sanchez-Garcia are members of the AACD, IACA, ADA, and LVI fellows. Their office is located at 9301 SW 56th Street in Miami Florida. For more information about TMJ and migraines or to schedule your initial appointment call (305) 595-4616 or fill out our contact form.