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Tooth staining is one of the signs of aging. When people look at you and your discolored teeth, they automatically make assumptions about your age and health, as well as some other factors such as your personality, education, and income level. There are many factors that can cause your teeth to darken. These include: Natural […]

Tooth staining is a natural consequence of aging. Unfortunately, it means that people are often making judgments about your age based on the color of your teeth. Understanding why teeth stain can help you keep your smile whiter and younger-looking. Teeth stain for many reasons. The most common reason teeth stain is because of food […]

If you are concerned about stained teeth, there are many ways to prevent it. The first way to prevent staining of your teeth is to cut down on staining foods and habits. The worst things for staining your teeth are: Smoking Coffee Black tea Chocolate Red wine Berries If you cut down on these foods, […]