What Happens to the Teeth Underneath Veneers over time?

Ideally, the teeth under your porcelain veneers will remain as strong as ever. If you continue to follow recommendations for the care and cleaning of your teeth, you may never experience any problems with the teeth under your porcelain veneers. Proper care and cleaning means following your dentist’s instructions for brushing (at least twice a day, with a nonabrasive toothpaste), flossing (every day), and dental check-ups and cleanings (twice a year). If you do this, porcelain veneers will help protect and support your teeth.

However, if you do not follow proper care and maintenance for your porcelain veneers, you may be at risk for a serious compromise of your tooth structure. In particular, if you do not floss, you allow bacteria to harbor safely between teeth. From there, bacteria can begin to attack your teeth at the edge of the veneer, increasing the size of their harborage. They can eventually create a cavity behind the veneer, which may be difficult to detect until you begin to feel that the tooth has been compromised.

By the time you know your tooth has been compromised, it may already be too late. You may need a root canal to preserve your teeth. Or we may be unable to restore the tooth which will then have to be extracted to make way for a dental implant.

If you are considering porcelain veneers, it’s important to remember that the longevity of your results depends in large measure on how well you keep up your regular oral hygiene. If you have more questions about porcelain veneers, please schedule a consultation at Miami Designer Smiles to talk to a cosmetic dentist.